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Early Poptropica Island Walkthrough/Guide!


*First I will say I will NOT categorize anything that I post, so as a warning, my website may be PRETTY MESSY and include a LOT of scrolling! :P* OK so, back to the guide, First, if you aren’t already there, go to Early Poptropica Island, the first island of Poptropica. Go over to the REALLY high pixeled looking guys to the right, and talk to the 3rd 4th and 5th guys the first one will tell you that he lost his “prize-winning porker” and that it was snatched by the spider down in the well. the second one, by the well, will tell you someone stole their bucket and that they cannot get water from the well without it, and the last one, by the pole missing a flag, will tell you the flag is gone. (You are in Jamestown), Go down into the well in Jamestown, and jump downwards on the platforms until you find the guy with the swimming suit and glowstick. He will tell you there is another glow stick just up to the left and once you retrieve it, EXIT the well. Head over to the well on MAIN STREET, and on the first jump down on the platform, there will be a girl there with black hair and a spider headband. She will say “I hope your not afraid of spiders!” go down to the bottom while avoiding getting hit by the giant spider, and get the Prized Porker! 1 down, 2 to go. Exit the well, and head over even farther left, towards the pigments guy. ****SPOILER!!**** go and jump on top of the FORTH windowsill, and click on the topper left of the window. You will receive a members only outfit, that even NON-MEMBERS can wear! 😀 Anyways, head down to the well where you are, and keep going through the sewerish place maze and find the giants GOLDEN EGG.  Go up to the giant up in the skies by just simply jumping on peoples’ really bouncy clotheslines. Return his golden egg, and he will let you pass farther to the right. While you are going farther to the right, get the bucket, and the jetpack, which is at the end. Go back to the left and fly over the giant shovel with the jetpack, and go down the exit. You will land on the watertower and receive the missing signal flag. Yay! head over to all 3 of the high-pixeled guys and return their lost stuff. Once the signal flag is returned, a ship with a head pilgrim guy in it and he will give you the island medallion!!! don’t hesitate to comment or tell me if you are having trouble with anything! thanks 🙂 -LionEar.



I am really new at making a website, so I will ask of you people to hold on and wait until I get the hang of this, and I will post once I do. Until then, you could use a website like PoptropicaHelpBlog or something like that! thanks!! 😀 -LionEar. 🙂